Thursday, October 29, 2009

Snake Direction

So, we continue on with our quest to find...okay, I know, you know, so let's just listen in on Mandy's conversation with a local street snake:

Mandy: Coils! I love it when you guys coil up! Teach me! Teach me please!

Snake: I know of whom you sssssearch.

Mandy: You've seen Brown-

Snake: Yesssss

Mandy: Say that word one more time...

Snake: You mean yesssss?

Mandy: Ha! It's True! The sterotypes about a snake's speech impediments are true!  Hey "Tank" you got to come see this!

Snake: Yesssss, the sterotypesssss about our ssssspeech impedimentsssss are true.

Mandy: Wow, just like in the story books. Well, which way did he go?

Snake: That way.

Mandy: Which way?

Snake: That way.

Mandy: Wait a minute, which...

After convincing Mandy that a snake could not point in any particular direction, we were able to continue on with our journey. Hold on....Anne is calling on the radio....he's been spotted where?

Benny "The Tank"

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  1. hello benny the tank its dennis the vizsla dog hay yoo cannot trust snayks!!! their is a hole buk abowt a kuple of peepul hoo got in all kinds of trouble becuz they lissend to a snayk!!! ok bye