Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Between A Bee And A Shih-Tzu

On the ever-continuous journey to find Brown Dog, Gracie encounters yet another acquaitance of the wandering soul:

Gracie: Bee, Have you seen Brown Dog?

Bee: Excuse me I have a problem today.

Gracie:What’s your problem?

Bee: I’ve been sniffing pollen for three days straight. Arrrrrrr…my wings are numb. Have I seen a dog, which is of the shade brown? No, I have not. Mmmmmm…pollen…mmmmm….pollen is ymmmmy for the tummy.

I advised Miss Gracie to keep walking. It is becoming obvious the type of company Brown Dog kept outside "The Family".

Benny "The Tank"


  1. Was that fellow named Jeff Spicolbee by any chance?

  2. Jeff Spicolbee, yes, very fast times those were.

    Benny "The Tank"