Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Presentation Of The Bag O' Shadows

Big M is granted permission to present me with the Bag O' Shadows. I quicky return home, and wait for Mr. Shadowcaster.

As I await his arrival, my shadow enters into a fiery rage, and attempts to reattach to my body. No matter how hard I fight, some of the shadow manages to attach. I fear Mr. Shadowcaster's reaction.

I watch Mr. Shadowcaster dreadfully descend down upon me, and as the other shadows sense his arrival, they too enter into a rage, and can only burn with vengance for his actions.

But behold, all is calm and well, for Mr. Shadowcaster surprises us all, and gently releases my shadow in its entirety, while giving me authority to release the others as well. The gesture is comforting, but I know that in darkness glimpses of light are rarely seen. I have seen a light in Mr. Shadowcaster, but I have also seen it dim. So carefull I will be, and precise in the steps my paws take.

Benny "The Tank"

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