Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Party Pics

Even with our shadows absent, we still managed to have a smashing good time at our Halloween party! Enjoy a few pics.

Look closely and see how I see. He never knew that I was watching him the whole time! Now back to humming, because thats what pumpkins do, we hum.

Don't you dare come up here you little...

Gracie! How nice to see you, didn't even know you were here yet!


I told you once Gracie, Tina and I are through, she will not be here!
Man, I hope Tina has to dance overtime tonight......Anne, seriously! Tying us up to Mandy is not funny! Untie us right now!
Okay, I'm done, party's over, "The Tank" has had enough fun, till next year!

Ah, peace. Arguments, lack of shadows, despite it all, there's nothing like good friends to put things into perspective. I hope everyone had a happy and wonderfull Hallow's Eve.

Benny "The Tank"

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