Monday, November 1, 2010

The Fur-Ball

Welcome to the annual Fur-Ball. Why don't you stay a while, get comfortable, and take your head off! Better put the kids and pups in bed, because we got "Dogs Gone Wild". One more sure to kiss "The Tank" on the nose before you leave...


The intense!

The Acutal Party

"Attention to all dogs present. I welcome you to the second annual Fur-Ball. All proceeds from the cover charge will go directly to..."The Family". Now... pay attention Mandy!

"Bones, pumpkins, bones, pumpkins.....
"Yes Sir 'Tank' "

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...Just have fun!
"So....So...Nice hair bow...Gracie....she really thinks she looks....."

"Anne thinks I can't read lips "Tank"!

"Good grief Mandy, Make them get alone."

"So that's how you kill a hand puppet!"
"Ah, I love Hallows Eve"

"Happy All Saints Day!"
"And to all a...good riddance pour, lonely souls."

"So now what...I just sit here and rot?"

Benny "The Tank"

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