Wednesday, September 22, 2010

To The Hush!

Once "The Tank" entered the gates, he came upon a magical land, a land no other K-9 had set paw on before this very day. A talking rock beckons "The Tank's" attention.

"On my top is where you will find the way to your hush".

So "The Tank" listens and begins his ascent.

"Momma always said, Chi lar dura la vince!"

So "The Tank" says as he climbs the talking rock, but once he reaches the top, he is pleased to see that the rock had kept his word!

On top he finds a map, and what appears to part of a backpack? Creepy I say. But where will this map lead "The Tank"?...and what is that red thing in front of his head?

To be continued...

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