Sunday, August 29, 2010

Web Of Peace

As Mandy continues to follow "The Tank's" trail, she too realizes that they both have entered a different time, Fearing "The Tank's" reprimand if he spots her, she observes from afar as "The Tank" discusses the search for his Hush with a new friend.

"I've seen many quests end in this world. You must beware of the humans here. Their brains are slightly larger in this world which enables them to develop many unique devices such as a tempting spray that smells just like a fresh, rain drenched pine; but comfort it gives not, only death, and pain does it provide. I've spun my web across many worlds, and have caught many glorious meals, but in this world I've only caught despair. Leave my K-9 friend, forget your Hush, it's just a myth! If you stay here too long you will become trained, and dumb, and...well, in your world I use to be a barber.

Benny "The Tank"

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  1. Once a barber, now a spider. But a pretty spider, at least.