Monday, May 17, 2010


Gary: Of Course it would be us! Who else could finish such a story! You know what Dave?

Dave: What's that little man?

Gary: I just want to give you a big high five!

Dave: Can I take my shirt off for that?

Gary: Let's move on with this tail of tail's. So here I go...Dave, just keep keeping the hood warm, I'll handle the rest.

While Anne and "The Tank" entered a drunken stupor back at the snuggery, Big M realized that it would be she who had to go the shadows. Attempting bravery, Mandy tried to confront the mysterious subject, but only to be pacified by the cool shade it provided in the warm sun. Sneaky things they are, the shadows.

Never yeilding, Big M continued to pursue the shadow, but then the most horrific thing occured!

Oooooo watch out Gracie, what are you doing here? Well, that's one doggie that's been entranced by a shadow.

Big M watched as the shadow attempted to connect to Gracie's furry body. It was clear the shadows only wanted one thing, a body to keep them company. Not on my watch says the...

BEHOLD! The Secret Society of "TheTail". Within seconds "TheTail" presents the shadow with it's one languor... RED WINE!!!!!!!!!!

It becomes too much for the shadows. With one drink the bottle is passed and the darkness covers their cast with a menacing red obscurity.

And just like castor oil, "TheTail" had left as fast as it had entered. "The Family" still wondered who and what "TheTail" was, and Big M knew a meeting must be arranged with Mr. Shadowcaster, but until then, it was time for a good ole' heist...Of course we all mean service project, charity work, donations, etc...After all, we operate a floral business.

You know what Dave? Please don't answer. That was a darn good story, I sure could use some cookies and milk, and maybe a pinch on the cheek.

Dave: Can I take my shirt off now?

Gary: Can I get that high five? You tell me.

Benny"The Tank"

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