Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Pinkish Hue

You're probably wondering a couple of things...where has "The Tank" been, and why is he standing with tulips. Well, the shadows came, and the shadows left, but what took place must be told. Oh, and the tulips, all Chinese, American Italians love to garden, everyone knows that, me, I prefer tulips. Tulips and me have an agreement, seems to be working out well. But Let me say, it is only by the graces above that we survived the invasion of the shadows, and that I am able to stand amongst the tulips. So, let me proceed with the story, and remember what you're about to be told in the next few entries can happen to anyone at anytime, again, and again, because the shadows never truly leave. By the way, I do believe "The Tank" pulls off the color pink quite well, wouldn't you say?

Benny "The Tank"

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