Friday, December 25, 2009

A Christmas Tail

As the leader of "The Family" I command all members to go forth and bring Christmas cheer to all!

Ugh...not yet, just a few more hours of sleep. Afterall, I've been spreading Christmas fear all night...I mean Christmas jeer, I mean cheer, I've been spreading Christmas cheer all night long! What did you say? A  Christmas gift just for me!

Get down from there now! "The Tank" says get down!

The bearer of gifts is indeed a good soul.

Sweet Gracie, "The Tank" gave us a Wii!

Wait a minute, Tina's working, were all here, but where's Anne?

Don't worry "Tank" I'm back at the snuggery getting snuckered, the in-laws are here! Merry Christmas!

What kind of ornament is that in the tree, or is that...."The Tail"!

Yea, yea, "...and to all a good night."

Benny "The Tank"

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