Friday, November 13, 2009


After being inapprioately frisked, I was able to visit my Uncle Orso in the pen. Yea, I know, we don't exactly look alike, but uncles in Italian families take on various roles.

Uncle Orso: Tank! It’s been months, come over here and see your old uncle. Just cleaning off a little bit.

"The Tank": How's it been?

Uncle Orso: Not too bad, at dinnertime, all us old guys get together. Mr. Kangaroo chops the garlic, Possum Sam cooks the sausage, and I of course, make the sauce. Seems the guards have a soft spot for an eternal supply of Charlee Bears.

"The Tank": Wow! Just like in Good Fe-

Uncle Orso: Now flop your ears out, and listen up. The truck is delivering the goods soon-I mean delivering the charitable donations very soon, you will know when and where the truck is going to be when the time is here, trust me.

"The Tank": Last time you asked someone to trust you, a kangaroo and possum ended up in here!

Uncle Orso: For the family Tank, you always forget that very important fact, its all for the "Family Business". Go on now, my masseuse, Tina, will be here in thirty.

"The Tank": Fine, wait a minute did you say Ti-

Uncle Orso: Guard!

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